Ambika’s Experiment: Reflection

On Thursday 3 December 2009, I have a chance to attended the experimental of one MA Fine Arts student at Bonington 122

Her name is Ambika and her research topic is about “Reflection”

She try to do some experiment about reflection and materials used.

One is reflection on brick wall and another one is reflection on plane wall by photograph her hand on those 2 walls and then put it to two projectors and merge them by the projectors and then photograph the final one.

In her experimental room, Ambika displayed her work experiment by using 2 projectors:

one is for the reflection on brick wall

another one is for the reflection on plane wall

the result of this experiment is the reflection on different kind of materials always different as depends on the surface of those materials.

Some of my interview conversation with Ambika:

Suttana: What is your inspiration to do this project?

Ambika: It comes from I have looking at myself and thought it’s like a reflection of my self that’s where the inspiration of this project comes from.

Suttana: How about the result of this experiment, what do you think about it?

Ambika: For this experiment, I’m just wanna test and support my reflection project by 2 different materials.

Suttana: How about the feedback from your audience?

Ambika: It was a good chance for me to gain what people think about my project but most of them just said “It’s beautiful”

Suttana: Why you have to use hand to reflect on this experiment?

Ambika: Because, it’s can represent my country(India) about Horoscope.

Suttana: Thank you (:

Ambika: Your welcome : )

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